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When you get cravings which is most likely your go to food? *

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If you made it this far in the quiz then we think you would do great working with us. The next steps are a trial week just to make sure.

And yet we know the fear of starting just another "thing" makes you feel like this...

Surprise...Betr makes it easy and with 350+ Five Star Google Reviews you are in great hands!

But before we get you feeling like doing this, we have to do a few things first, otherwise exercise will work against you.

We need improve your energy, mood and sleep so you can jump out of bed again. We reset and repair your whole digestive system first.

How do you think we do this? *

We create a custom plan and upload it into the app.

Toxicity and inflammation is disrupting our ability to process fats, carbs and proteins while disrupting our hormonal balance. Watch the two min. video to find out why it's causing the weight gain, cravings and low energy.

It's simple to try. A few phone calls with your personal expert who guides you daily via the app makes it easy. This is why 98 out of 100 clients finish their plan.

Most people wonder what they have to give up. We only ask that for the first few days you follow the plan as close to perfect as possible to establish a baseline.

Guess where you can find the food for your plan?

The food we prescribe is everywhere and your personal coach is always there to guide you in a pinch.

The average client will start converting .5 to 1 pound of fat to energy per day within 24 hours. As the gut is healing your mood increases and your cravings disappear. Then slowly we bring foods back in one by one so you will know exactly what works best for you long term. That's why after a year 90% say they have been able to maintain a healthy weight. They have developed new habits without having to always be worried about what they eat.

Would you be willing to try a customized eating plan for a few days? *

Great, then we would be willing to work with you for a week. If you don't become a raving fan it will not cost you a dime.

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Next Steps Are To Pick A Time And A Betr expert will reach out and review a trial week and help you create a sustainable plan that fits your time, budget and need.
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